Ate's Retreats

Changing your life, one trip at a time.

Great things happen when we decide to put ourselves first.

Ate's retreats are not just "trips".
They are an investment.

My retreats allow you access to a curated community of people that, take my word for it, will become an insanely important part of your life by the end of the week.

We’ll have amazing speakers flying in, ready to teach you brilliant workshops on diversifying your portfolios, marketing, income streams and so on.

Some of the best spiritual facilitators in the country will come help us work through our traumas, face our limiting beliefs and find our higher purpose.

We’ll create routines, find solutions, get our shit together. Because when people support each other, great things happen...

...all that while living in a dreamy villa, eating hearty food and forming healthy habits. And because working hard goes hand in hand with playing hard, we’ll celebrate our achievements daily: yacht parties, exploring off-the-beaten-path routes, recharging at the beach, having drinks by the pool.


Find your tribe. Our retreats are application-based and focus on bringing together a community of like-minded people that will stay in your life forever.


Our curated speakers and facilitators will help you work through your limiting beliefs and teach you new ways to approach work, life and mental health.


There are moments in life that can't be explained, they need to be lived. Embark on unique adventures and cultural experiences you've never even dreamt of.​

Why should you be joining me?

I’m Ate. Ate as in Atena not as in eat ate eaten. A Romanian girl set on discovering the world.

I’ve been many things before having my own business: a project manager (for influencers like Nas Daily), a market researcher for companies like HarperCollins and an event planner for luxury camps in many parts of the world, from Latin America to Asia (successful even in a global pandemic, I must add). These jobs have each taught me what it is that I love about the work I’m doing: tapping into communities, planning exciting adventures, exploring the world.

My journey as a digital nomad started at 18. And even though by now I’m well past my hostel-low budget-low personal hygiene era (thank God), I need to confess: there’s nothing I hate more than tourist traps, Hilton hotels that look all the same and wasting my time drinking overpriced drinks on the side of the pool.

Truth is, as against tourist traps as I am, I can still see the appeal of such trip: it’s easy. You book a flight, you book a room at a hotel that you’re sure will fit your standards, because you’ve stayed there at least 5 times before. It’s convenient and fast, and people are busy and tired. Last thing they want is to waste a week out of their 2 weeks PTO in order to research activities and Airbnbs for their trip.

That's when Ate's retreats come in.

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