If you, like me, are craving connection..

The Work-Life-Magic Retreat is for YOU​

If you are craving connection,
The Work-Life-Magic Retreat is for YOU

Coming back in..... July 2025!

Apply before September 1 for a EUR 300 discount.
"I learned so much more than I could have imagined. I met the most amazing and inspiring people, had super interesting workshops that gave me new perspectives, built strong friendships, and most importantly, I learned to know my own value."
Julia Davids
Retreat Graduate

Click here to read more about what Julia’s experience was – on her personal profile!

What's the focus?

Personal and business growth. This retreat is for entrepreneurial minds that want to have access to a global network, advance in their careers and pursue financial freedom while building real, healthy and strong relationships with the other participants. Competition happens at the bottom. In this retreat, we’re lifting each other up.

This retreat is also a unique opportunity for you to share your expertise and advise others, as well as open up about your own fears and limiting beliefs, allowing others to guide you. 

It’s time to be ✨free✨. Free from anxiety, from prejudice and from the stress of money. This retreat will be your safe space, and the people within it will be your home.

The itinerary is still in the making, but here are some of our previous speakers ✨

Delyanne – How to Achieve Financial Freedom Through  Passive Investing

If you’re sick and tired of hearing about the stock market and not understanding what the heck everyone is so worked up about, Delyanne is here to save the day. While she is now a nationally recognized money expert, podcast host and millionaire Latina, Delyanne once had over six figures of debt while hating her job as a lawyer. She started learning about Personal Finance at 37 and is on her path to retiring at 45 with millions in her bank account. Today, she is living her best life in Portugal, has retired her mom and is sharing her journey with her half a million followers on social media.

Sibu – How to Become a Digital Nomad

On a quest to travel to every single country in the world, Sibu shares her adventures with her 13,000 Instagram followers. Sibu is a pioneer of “digital nomading”, finding jobs and opportunities for travel everywhere. Her remote work journey started a decade ago when she landed a work-from-home job in China and she hasn’t stopped since. From catsitting to volunteering around the world and to finding work that pays well and can be done remotely, she will teach you how to find your dream job while traveling to your dream countries. Sibu is also the owner of Hybrid Travels, a sustainable and conscious travel company that focuses on bringing travelers to lesser-known countries and truly showcasing their cultures. 

Joel – Personal Branding: Start Building Your Brand on Social Media Today

Rated as one of the top speakers at our previous retreat, I just had to bring Joel back for an insightful workshop dedicated to branding. If you’re in business, you have a brand. Your audience and your customers have a perception of you, whether you’re intentionally branding yourself or not. Wouldn’t it make sense, then, to intentionally influence this perception in your favor? Joel, a graphic designer and branding specialist with over 10 years of experience is here to help you in making informed decisions about every aspect of your business and grow the way you want to grow.

Veerle – Rite of the Womb Ceremony

The last time that the retreat girls and I had a session together with Veerle, we all bowled our eyes out. Born in Chile and proudly bringing her country’s traditions with her in Southern Portugal, she built the Temple of the (H)Earth, a holistic space for trauma healing and shamanic ceremonies meant to align you with your inner Feminine and Masculine selves. During the retreat, Veerle will facilitate an insanely touching womb-healing experience, where we will pay homage to our women-lineage ancestors, learn how to focus our energy on our womb and heal it from generational trauma. Veerle’s session includes meditating, tarot reading as well as a drawing session to connect our creative capacity and expression intentionally to our spiritual path.

Paula – Women’s Circle & Cacao Ceremony

There is hardly anyone interested in meditation who hasn’t attended a session led by Paula in Southern Portugal. Not only is she a spiritual coach, but she is also an insanely talented businesswoman and mother. Paula owned one of the most loved brands of cider in Southern Portugal, which she started in her kitchen and prepared while using holistic methods, like burning sage and putting her intentions into every bottle. Her passion, mindfulness and business savviness make her the perfect facilitator for our retreat, as she will make sure to touch on both the holistic and rational aspects of work, achieving your goals and manifesting a dream life through a concrete action plan. We will be starting off our retreat with a Women’s Circle ceremony – a safe space for us to bond as sisters, followed by a cacao ceremony intertwined with sound healing, ecstatic dancing and breathwork techniques.

These are just a few of the speakers. With a few months left ahead of us, we’re still in the works for bringing more insanely talented people your way.

The last retreat included workshops led by the graphic designer of Ralph Lauren and Pixel, a real estate investor with over 20 properties across Europe as well as the owner of the biggest Personal Finance conference in the US (The EconoMe conference). We might have some of these speakers join us again, or we might have different ones, depending on the group’s needs. I will also personally teach you some of the topics I excel in, such as: social media, finding clients through networking or video/photo editing. 

And if YOU would like to host a workshop (career related? yoga? anything!), make sure to let me know! 💃

My network brought me over $100,000 in two years.

...and friendly reminder, I’m a Romanian girl in my early twenties!

In 2019, I was stuck in a toxic workplace paying me $1000 a month to organize retreats. While the workdays were long and the pay was never enough, I loved my job. I worked so passionately that something magical happened: the retreat attendees – my then clients – became my network.

And I’m happy to say that they are my friends to this day, who helped me see my own potential and the value in the work I was doing. They told me to leave the company, so I did. I was scared, but they were right. Because fast forward to today, I own my own marketing and media company, worked with over 20 businesses around the US, some of them huge corporations like HarperCollins.  

Slowly, I learned how to play the game: I increased my rates, built connections, leveraged my skills and ended up becoming part of the 0.7% income earners of Romania. Something that would’ve never been possible without my friends’ feedback and support.

My network brought me free trips: fully paid flights, business and leisure trips to Hawaii, Mexico, Tenerife or Bali. All because I knew the right people, and they knew my worth. It also gave me friends in every corner of the world.

..but it’s not only about the money.

It also brought me something money can’t buy: friendships that helped me grow. Women I can travel with, be silly with one moment then talk business the other. People that welcomed me to their homes whenever I traveled to their countries. Friends that I could go to when life got hectic, when I needed a shoulder to cry on. 

Having a group that allows you to be fully yourself while motivating you to grow is something extremely rare, special and priceless. And that’s what I want you to have by joining my retreat.

THIS is the power of networking.

These are all examples of what my network has brought me. I’m excited to see what it’ll bring YOU.

Come be part of the magic in Lagos.

What the Work-Life-Magic Retreat will offer you, no other retreat will.

Work 💻

Life 🥂

Magic ✨

My theory is that this aspect of this retreat can’t really be put into words. It’s hard to describe not only the magic happening during the retreat, but the fact that this magic will stay with you long after, and show its colors throughout your life like a little butterfly effect. Yet, I’ll try to explain:

All this, for one fourth of the price of normal retreats (but you’ll have to scroll all the way down to see what that is, I’ve been told that’s what the marketing professionals do). This is not only an investment, it’s a steal.

When and where?

July 2025 (exact dates TBD)
in Lagos, Portugal (closest airport: Faro)

Is this retreat for me?

This retreat is for anyone with an open mind and willing to learn. If you want to work on yourself while creating a safe space for the group to grow, then this is the place for you.

What's the plan?

You are going to participate in career-focused workshops, join wellbeing experiences to help you work through limiting beliefs as well as take part in adventures around the Southern Coast of Portugal.

How do I sign up?

In order to make sure we bring together like-minded people with common goals, this retreat is application-only. The form should take you 5 minutes to complete.

Magic is everywhere, if you know how to look for it.

What's included?

What's not included?

Add ons:

Your Accommodation

Welcome to your home for the week! I strive to offer you Lagos’s most luxurious villas. Ocean views, our own pool, beautiful common spaces like terraces and patios as well as nature and greenery. We will spend most of our time in our majestic home, which is why it is really important for me to offer you the best facilities you can find in Southern Portugal.

The rooms will be shared with twin beds and a private bathroom. Don’t worry, you’ll become friends with your roomie in no time and every night will feel like a pajama party.

Yes! You can reserve a double-bed room for yourself, in case you prefer having your own space. This is a limited offer, provided at extra cost on a first-come-first-served basis.

Yes! We offer a generous $300 discount for couples or friends willing to sleep in the double-bed room.

Your meals

I’ve organized many retreats in the past. One thing you learn about catering to a big group of people is that there will always be at least one complaint regarding food  (“too many veggies!” “too much meat!”). That’s until I started working with chef Rachel. Healthy, hearty and colorful meals that she tailors specifically for our group’s wants. I am proud to say that since working with her, our meals have been rated a whooping 5⭐ by every single participant. Besides that, the feminist in me loves working with other women 😛

Lagos: the Hawaii of Europe

With its blue waters, golden sands and cobblestone alleyways, Lagos is one of the best “tropical escapes” while never leaving mainland Europe. Just a 1-3 hour flight away from pretty much anywhere within the EU or a 7-hour flight from the US, Portugal is a gem that deserves just as much recognition as its sister Spain. 

Its hillside in the region of the Algarve (through which we’ll be horse riding!) is easily comparable to Hawaii, while its ocean views will remind you of the Maldives. 

With world-famous seafood, vibrant nightlife and incredible weather all year round, the Southernmost region of Portugal is sure to be a place after your own heart, and I’m very excited to show it to you in its glory.

Exploring Lagos... In a unique way!

The fun fact about being part of a retreat is that you get to try things that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Like riding a horse through the cliffs of the Algarve or partying on a boat. Of course, we’ll take time for ourselves to explore the city and chill out on the beach, in the beautiful cafes or just take in the cobblestone street views.

Getting in touch with ourselves

Lagos is a hub for wellbeing facilitators, and I’m bringing in some of the best in the country.

Daily journaling that helps us set routines and reflect on our journey.

Women’s circles where we discuss and grow from our traumas. 

A cacao ceremony to help you set intentions, accompanied by sound therapy and ecstatic dancing – the kind where you’re free to dance like no one is wacthing!

A shamanic bath with healing properties, that helps us reconnect to our wombs and let go of limiting beliefs. 

The magic in these activities is hard to explain. Truth is, healing happens when you feel safe and empowered by those around you, which is exactly what will happen during our week together.

What's The Investment?

EUR 2000

Get a 300 euro discount by signing up before September 1!

You only need to get along with one person, end up traveling to their country and staying at their place for one week and you're already getting all your money back.

Now think what's gonna happen when you get along with all of us.

This is still a small business and hence, the price will never be this low again. The next retreat will be above the mark of EUR2000. And trust me, I’m only picking the BEST for you! Gorgeous accommodation, amazing food, insane experiences. This is not a tourist trap tour. I’m not taking you to bazaars so I can get commissions or feeding you rice and beans to cut costs. I sell no bullshit. And if you know me, you know that everything I do, I do with my whole heart.

And while spending 5 days in a luxurious getaway is definitely worth this price, don’t forget that the main element of this retreat can’t be bought with money. Networking is an investment in your business.

Truth is, there’s no competition out there: you’ll never find a retreat that’ll bring you this much value at such an affordable price.

Still not sure? I'll give you a discount.

All you have to do is subscribe to my email list. I’ll send a promo code your way. And nope, I won’t spam you. I barely even have time to answer my own emails.

*Promo codes don’t apply to already discounted spots*


We encourage anyone, woman, man or non-binary to sign up. We are also welcoming couples and the LGBTQI+ community. Our only request is for you to be willing to learn and grow. You will get in touch with your feminine regardless of gender, you will be encouraged to work through your traumas and you are required to provide a safe space for the other attendees.

Once you submit your application, our team will contact you within the next 24 hours. If accepted, you will need to put down a non-refundable $400 deposit to save your spot.

The $400 deposit is non-refundable. The remainder amount is refundable up to 90 days before the retreat starting date.

Unfortunately, this is a small business and in order for it to survive, we cannot take the risk of having last-minute dropouts asking for a full refund. We’re hoping for your understanding.

The rooms will be shared with twin beds. We do offer discounts for couples or friends willing to sleep in the same bed as well as a fully private room at an additional cost. These rooms are limited and are sold on a first-come-first-served basis, so please refer to the payment link (sent in your acceptance email) for all your options.

In the very unlikely event that this retreat gets canceled, the whole amount will be refunded to you.

We normally offer a big early-bird discount, but this has already expired for this retreat. However, you can get a coupon code by subscribing to my email list HERE. That also helps in getting updates about future retreats which will bring you early-bird discounts worth hundreds of dollars.

This is a retreat, not a trip (while I’m planning on organizing epic trips in the future!). This means that most of our time will be spent learning and focusing on “inner work” in our villa. We will have time slots dedicated to visiting the surroundings and sightseeing, but I highly recommend coming in early or extending your trip.

Questions? Email ate@atesretreats.com!